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This totally sucks. You can be mildly a b**** sometimes, but you also seem to be humble about it (I don't know about in person!), and you're funny, sharp, and creative. What'd you do, ask for too much money? Do you have some gene that just makes people fire you? Were you cheating on your column, getting friends to send in softballs? Or does the Seattle Weekly just have a death wish (i.e. wish to drive themselves into bankruptcy)? Now what the fuck am I going to do every Wednesday morning? Good luck.


The Seattle Weekly has a reading disorder: It keeps getting thinner and thinner. They can thank the pot advertisers for keeping them (just barely) alive. I predict its imminent demise. Your column was the best part of the publication. These days, the Weekly's writing is boring, the attempts to be provocative laughable, the editing non-existent. Wait - there's been one major improvement: the Weekly is now printed on better paper; it's less smelly than The Stranger and thus more suitable to lining my bird's cage. Seriously!


I loved your Dategirl weekly, it's the only reason I pick up that Seattle rag. No reason now. I miss you.


Although married to my one & only wife since 1979, I still miss your insightful, often funny (sometimes hysterically so!) column. On my Friday ferry commutes it was one of the main reasons I'd read SW which, oddly, aren't aboard as much as they used to be... probably increased digital and less print advertising? But thanks for your blogs. :)

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