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You're not imagining anything.

It says it was an artist's residence but does that mean the artist did the stained glass or even commissioned someone to do it? Could have been a piece they liked or traded. It looks 1970's to me but I don't know much.

It looks like it's part of the house and would be a job to replace. Why the agent thought a close up of it was a good idea, I don't know. Personally, I don't think it's a selling point. Kinda tacky.

As an aside, I've been looking for a house in Woodstock to rent for a weekend and they are getting the big bucks! So you should buy it. Or something. By next month, so I can stay with my mom and dogs.


I think the stained glass would be the first thing I'd remove. I can understand how some people might think it's cool (well, I take it back. I acknowledge, but don't understand), but it is SO inappropriate.

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