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I am so very sorry for your loss. I am happy though, that you got to spend so many years together & she was the bomb companion. My favorite part of the story is that she would take your side in an argument. Girl power =~}

Hugs to you,


Love that "brush me" pic!!!!! Such a sweet lil face!!!!!!!


Oh, Judy. My heart is broken for you.
Thank you for sharing a little of her with those of us not lucky enough to know her, and I promise from now on you'll see and feel her spirit all over the place.
I'll send my two little ones I've lost to greet her in whatever kind of kitty heaven there is.
Hang in there, kid.


She knew and she never doubted your love for her! BELIEVE. They just know.
It's not easy...focus on the good times with you, Whitney, and Mabs!


So sorry Mabel didn't make it. She was a beautiful cat. Although it's completely devastating no matter what the circumstances, at least you know she had a great life with you and lived to a decent age.

Michelle Goodman

What an amazing tribute to adorable little Mabel. The "I'm ready for my brushing now!" pic is the best. I love that you made up stupid lyrics for her to A WHITNEY HOUSTON SONG. She HAD to know.


I'm really sorry about Mabel, she was a swell cat and a great friend. I'll never forget when she prank called us both somehow by pressing the ringer on your phone.

Tricia McLaughlin

soooo sorry, Judy. dear Mabel.


I am so sorry about Mabel. It seems you had great time together. Cherish happy memories, Judy. The sadness will give way to sweet memories.


Such a beautiful little love post to Mabel. Tearing up over here. Thank you for sharing that.

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