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Girl of Date - are you sure it was this Jamie person or is it possible a racist group hacked Jamie's account or just swiped his email from somewhere and used it as the return address?

Judy McGuire

Nope, it was him. It was forwarded on by several different people—many named McGuire. I've mistakenly been forwarded obnoxious conservative emails from the same group of people before (my email address must be very close to one of theirs), and I've politely asked them to quit sending me stuff. But nothing this bad before.


He's icky.


Actually many races can be racist, not just whites. Goto traditional sections of Tokyo and you'll find "Japanese Only" (ie No Whites) signs outside many establishments. Whites are frequently the target of hate crimes in Africa. Racism can not be assigned to a single race, it is merely an extension of primitive tribalism - a trait that helped early man survive.

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