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Don't know how it's been for you, my experience was always the higher I was on drugs during the procedure, the less miserable I was afterward. The one time the doc went opening my upper jaw with just novocaine, I was in agony for a week. But when I was on the IV drip, he could pretty much have his way with me. The IV drip of course wasn't covered by insurance, I forget how much extra it was. But it's about time for me to go in for some more, so I guess I'll be getting a refresher course. Because damned if I'm doing just novocaine again, ever. No. Just, no.

Good luck. Milkshakes!

Clayton Haider

Wow. I’m sorry have to go through that. Are you okay now Miss Judy? I hope you are, and I wish your teeth and gums are better. It’s been two years, and I suppose you’re looking lovely and healthy at the moment. I bet you have the prettiest smile out there! I certainly hope you’re not having health problems anymore. Stay healthy and positive Miss Judy. God bless!

Clayton Haider


I hope you're doing okay! I had jaw surgery a while ago and afterwards I looked like a swollen mess. Very ugly. I had never been vain, but I had also never had to deal with being hideous before either. I became super depressed and it was hard because it was a 3 month recovery process. After the recovery was over though, I went to my dentist and showed me the before and after pictures and I couldn't believe how much it had helped me and how much better I looked. So just know there's a light at the end of the tunnel and just try to stay positive!

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