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Employers should never be allowed to view your private info online..blogs, facebook, myface, etc. All HR people do is look for reasons NOT to hire folks and separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Turn off the info spigot, now.


Better yet, create a fake blog where you're turning down jobs, going to England, meeting the Mayor of Casterbridge far from the Madding Crowd.
All the world is a play, print up some posters.


My friend applied for a job with the Hannover Opera as a singer, a super high-profile job. He had a 2pm interview and sat in the lobby until 2:40 and got pissed off and just left. They called him later and he said "your time is no more valuable than my time, sorry, I do not want to work for you."
A week later he landed a job in Hamburg in "Cats" for which they build an entire playhouse, at twice the money.
Stick to your principles, don't let people fuck with you, stay firm, and take control of the situation.

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