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you are brilliant and my hero!

Kevin was sitting at his computer laughing and I asked, at what? He replied, "Judy, talking about her cancer".

We love you!


For me it's the photo that makes this blog post.


Genius use of the crickets.


Judy, I'm sorry to hear this news. You're taking all the necessary precautions and doing everything you can. Good luck through this ordeal.


Sorry to hear this, Judy. I'm glad you got to the doc quickly and I hope early detection will do the trick.


Oy. I have to go freak out and check my own face now....

Um, may the force be with you? I'm scared to say anything else.


promise NOT to do any of that stuff you mentioned... anytime you want to vent, i'm here! xoxo


promise NOT to do any of the things you mentioned... but if you want to vent, i'm here! xoxo




My folks both died of lung cancer in 1993 and 1995. My friend was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last summer and the advances in chemo are amazing. He's up and about and doing pretty well. Stage 1 or 0 skin cancer is very encouraging and as to why it appeared on your ankle is anyone's guess.
AFGO...another fucking growth opportunity

Rachel Kramer Bussel

Thinking of you and do keep us posted. If there's anything I can do (like buy you a drink?) let me know. Hugs.

J.R. Taylor

Wasn't sure when this would be made public, and was then baffled to find your entry about this at TheFrisky as a link on a blog entry I was reading...on a very different topic...involving Godzilla, actually. In any case, more best wishes for you here. I won't wish for a hospitalization, though, even if visiting you seems to be the one thing you recommend as support.

Jennifer Dziura

Cancer fucking sucks. And wheatgrass tastes terrible. And you're one of my favorite people.

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