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I don't get freaked out visiting Newburgh, but I do think it would get depressing living there.

The difference between 1980's Alphabet City and Newburgh today is the lack of people. There are only pockets of artists and newcomers moving in, but unfortunately, it may never really take off because it's just too damn far from civilization.

Beacon was really run down also and now it's lovely and quaint...but it's still no place for a spoiled NYer to live. Hey, don't sell food delivery short! Some of us just can't live without it!

If you can afford your NYC rent plus a cheap house, you should get yourself a country cottage like 2 hours away. Just don't move there full time or you'll regret it.


Thanks for the write up, and for following! At least you came up for a visit. Even though Newburgh may not be for you, it needs starry-eyed people to make a difference just like they have done in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I'm trying to reach out to these people b/c you are right, Newburgh needs more people, and more attention. Maybe it'll be for you in the future. At least it's only an hour away from the city. You can't get many homes for those prices in a 60 mile radius of NYC. Next time, talk to some of the business owners on Liberty Street. You might have a different experience the next time around!


PS-I'm not quitting anytime soon either!


Loved your advice to the capri-hater. And I really don't get the capri-hate, anyway. Leggings, OK. But capris? Since when do guys look below a woman's chesticle area, anyway?

Tiia Jones

I'm so glad you're not quitting! Great pics of the houses, and I enjoyed the new post.


I am just checking back to observe, belatedly, that you appear to have grown plants in your kitchen! In pots and whatnot!



Wow. You know where I live I can take a fairly nice 4br, 3bath old home with a wrap-around porch, detached garage, wood floors, fireplace, and two sets of stairs (one for the help in the back) and put it near the country club and get $450K for it and move it to the north end of town and be lucky to get $175K for it.
Location, location, location...
It's better to have a small house in a great neighborhood than a big house in Gangland.


Actually, this one is in a nice hood if you don't mind minnow-munchers (Roman Catholics).

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