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Erika Lopez

a lot of funny people lose their senses of humor. it's like it has to go away, shave its head and sit on a mountain top to find out how to be funny again with new information.

i hear that a lot with funny people. after a half dozen suicides and wondering if my friends knew something i didn't, i thought i'd wait out this life thing without a sense of humor.

but it's back. i'm feral about who's near me because i treat it like a child now that it's back. and i can giggle til i almost pee again.

you're only going to become more interesting, wise, and empathetic. still funny. you'll always be funny.



You need to go get 8 minutes in a tanning bed. Seriously. Light or the absence of light can turn you into some scowly grunge-rockin' Seattle creature.
Go spend $15 on 10 min of solar therapy and feel better. I'm serious.

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