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so sorry. i spent most of yesterday in an airport. my stepson ordered chili cheese fries in the terminal. the plate was the size of a wagon wheel and the fries looked like worms covered with barf. so... yes, it CAN get worse.


and what the fu...dge is BRACIOLE anyway?


Looks like a stuffed pork tenderloin. Maybe they used cheap pork. Pretty tough to mess that up unless your oven is off. I don't eat beef but if you salt it well then cook it at about 550 for ten or twenty minutes and then turn the heat down to about 220 for 3 hours or so it turns out well. Put a pan of water on the lower rack to keep things moisty.


Oh, it calls for flank steak. That's why it was tough. You should try it with beef tenderloin. Maybe something like this:

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