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This is why I moved to Jersey City. And why, when I tell you I miss Williamsburg, I know I'll come to my senses shortly.


This is why we call you "McAwesome". And by "we", I mean "I".


Well done.


Wow, I'm impressed! My therapist told me I should avoid Bedford Ave.
Ha ha ha!


i wonder if it's the same woman from my bagel shop incident... exactly the same thing happened to me, pretty much. what did she look like?
oh, and, no... you don't want to move to new jersey.


I always tell my friends that if there's a band they like, go see em. If there's a restaurant they like, eat there...because it isn't going to be there forever. Sooner or later the band breaks up, the restaurant owner gets a nice coke habit or divorce or someone dies or goes insane or moves. Your town used to be nice, but the a-holes have overtaken it. Sorry. It happens. Find another town, band, restaurant, build a bridge and get over it, as they say. Sorry.


I live in Williamsburg too and I never go out on the weekends, if I can avoid it. Particularly Bedford Avenue - it's pretty much guaranteed to put me in a bad mood. What's sad is that you mention going into Manhattan. How times have changed! Brooklyn used to be the respite on weekends, but those days are long gone.


I am stuck in Williamsburg because of rent stabilized rent. I hate it there with the passion of trillion suns. I never leave the house either, except to go to work. I'd rather be in midtown all friggin day than in Williamsburg.


Awesome Judy!


Yes, I remember when the East Village became a prison - right around the time you moved to Williamsburg. Rent stabilization is a thief. (Maryann)

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