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I went in because I was at the pier today. All the merchandise I looked at was aging stock from other Duane Reades. Dusty is not something I look for in a box of allergy medicine. I won't be back.


I still love Northside Pharmacy, and it hasn't been my pharmacy for five years now. Those ladies rule! They're everything you say... kind, helpful name-rememberers.

Duane Reade can suck it. I hope that Northside's loyal following will keep them going.


I had the same experience at Northside not only today but Friday too. The Duane Reade fcks have been hanging out there all weekend. Northside is the best thing in Williamsburg.


I feel the same way about Murawski Pharmacy here in Greenpoint. The pharmacist knows me, knows all about my cat's diabetes meds etc. He will order things I want that he doesn't have in stock.

Duane reade is a good place to get bags of candy for halloween, and socks, and batteries.

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