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there is light at the end of the tunnel of grafts and implants. i know how it feels, hubby went through it, as you know. i am convinced you will be ok coming out the other end.... with that gob full of gleaming chiclets!

cha davis

Please - I've battled cancer and having gone through four 'deep cleanings' after neglecting my mouth for 10+ years was FAR worse. But the good news is that dentists don't exist to make you suffer anymore: they really have made enormous strides. And when it's done, it's done. Good luck, Judy.

Virginia Vitzthum

I don't think you sound like a baby at all. Getting teeth pulled is a classic recurring nightmare -- it's scary shit. And it sucks how expensive it is. I feel ya, and I hope it goes as well as it can.


i do get how humiliating this must be. deeply mortifying. for me that would be worse than the physical pain. i wish i had a magic wand, or more effective words. or a shit-ton of money. you have all my love, though, for what it's worth.

anyone who thinks you're a baby, or that this isn't a big deal, should think hard for a few minutes about what it might be like to go through this.

i think you're extraordinary. pushing through the hell that life deals us is a big part of what life is about. you're dealing with this, even though it's devastating you.


Hang in! I've been through it all. Had a partial denture in my mouth by the time I was in the 7th grade and struggled through molar after molar having to get pulled until most of my teeth were missing. I remember one dentist looking into my mouth when I was in high school and commenting that I was young but my mouth was that of a 90-year old! Finally got a full denture immediately after I graduated from high school and all my toothaches and self-consciousness about my appearance disappeared. What a difference! Have had good dentists -- one of them an absolute artist -- and have managed to always have a pretty smile and to chew my food! Whatever you're spending, I, for one, understand why you're doing this and say: Well, done! You're taking good care of yourself and if YOU don't, who will? By the way, as a child I also had a serious overbite that wasn't addressed and my appearance suffered because of it. When I mention to my husband how sad I am to have lost my teeth at such an early age, he reminds me how unattractive I would have been for my whole life; and he's absolutely right.


Thank you so much, Janice. I appreciate you telling me your story—it really helps!

And you, Cha—I'm so glad you're doing better!

All of you guys—thank you for being sweet!

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