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What, like your family doesn't have any stupid scaffolding tricks to its credit?

No, srsly. Am I the only one?


Love the typo in your friend's photo: New Yoak City...pfft.


I am terrified of walking under all scaffolding. Particularly here in Brooklyn where the inspectors never come.

My block has a huge new unfinished development also. And at one point the scaffolding almost blew down in the wind last winter. Because they had tarps all over it they acted like sails, after that they changed to netting.

They are still trying to sell "luxury condos" in this mostly finished building. My question, who wants a luxury condo overlooking McGuinness Blvd? Also I want to tell the smattering of folks that attend their weekend open houses, that the two plywood covered windows in apt 3L ( I know it's 3L because that's spray painted on the wood), have been there for 5 months. This developer who hasn't bothered to put in or replace those two windows for that long, he's not going to finish your apt as promised.

Also, outside the building is the same metal fencing that was there when the site was an operating junkyard. What is going to happen when it comes down? Will they replace the asphalt patches with a nice sidewalk? I doubt it.

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