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Experiences and stories like yours are exactly why I say away from shrinks. Best of luck with your continuing dental woes!


he sounds like the doctor from "running with scissors." did he have a masturbation room?


I know this might sound harsh, and I'm pretty ignorant about dental woes so forgive my intrusion, but would it be possible for you to get dentures or some other permanent solution to your woes? It sounds extreme, but perhaps then you wouldn't pay as much money in the long term, and wouldn't be in as much pain. I actually don't know how much dentures cost but I was just wondering whether this wouldn't be a possible solution. It sucks to read about your woes and imagine how awful it is for you. I also guess you're young for dentures but my friend's mom got dentures when she was 31 after years and years of pain and surgeries, and she was much happier afterward, so she tells me.


PS. Great description of the psychiatrist!
And also, I wish to protest one commenter's indiscriminate bashing of all shrinks. Incompetence is found in every profession, and while it's true that many psychiatric diagnoses are contested, many good psychologists and psychiatrists exist who are themselves critical of the diagnostic systems of their professions and use more common sense than the psychiatrist-from-hell hilariously described above.

Judy McCrabby

Hi Molly, there will be no dentures in my future. I'd sooner chop off my right arm.

As for you BF, I think his entire office was his "masturbation room." It certainly felt and smelled sticky and fun-kay.


Immediately call the New State Insurance Department and report the doctors who have not returned your calls. I was advised to do this by my gp when the exact same thing happened to me. Additionally, St. Vincent's has a great walking in. You can see an attending, get medication and continue to see that doctor if you like him/her.

Also, re: your dental insurance. Fight Fight Fight them anything they deny you or reimburse you the customary price. I did this. I wrote letters and fedexed them. (CC their general counsel). I ended up getting reimbursed for nearly everything. Tell them you will report them again to the NYS Insurance dept and the Attorney General.



When I was 14, I went through a terrible depression (one of many, as it would turn out). I went to Mental Health Professional #1. He was the kind who kept asking "And how does that make you feel?" Nothing was accomplished. After a few weeks, it was thought I'd do better with a woman (kinda appropro, considering I turned out to be a lesbo). The woman and I talked about how I wanted to be a dancer some day. Nothing was accomplished there either. Third guy didn't want to talk to me at all; said I was basically beyond help and all I could hope for were the soothing melodies of Prozac. I never took it. I recovered, on my own, a few weeks later. I am sure there are talented mental health professionals out there, but I have yet to meet one. One thing I will suggest is green tea. I've been drinking it a few weeks now + it's very calming/mood enhancing. Best of luck. I know dental problems suck too.


Did you notice lots of pens, golf balls, tees, coffee cups, tee-shirts, and wads of money lying around his office with the name of the drugs he gave you on them?

Ouch Me Too

I am extremely sorry to hear all that you are going through. I have had some dental difficulties as well, and while I don't know what to do that could help you raise the cash for your dental expenses, (yes, I read all the entries to date) perhaps I can share with you something that completely transformed the general health of my gums, at least externally, in about two weeks. I have less pain, swelling, discomfort, odor and generally feel better all over. If you want to know if I am fit to advise you: I too have had "the talk" with each and every dentist I have seen. Apparently dentist are the only people on the planet that think it is possible to be a fat meth junkie. Joy. Anyway:
The Natural Dentist makes this product:

... which is, frankly, just this side of a miracle. A little more free advice: Avoid the "orange zest" flavor. No, really. You have been warned. The Peppermint Twist flavor is so good you want to drink it.

I have bought this at CVS, RiteAid and online at

It is very inexpensive and does just what it says it does. I have been to lots of places, tried lots of things... this works. Please let me know once you have tried it for at least two weeks (it will be easy, it is nice tasting and doesn't hurt to use) and once you are suitably amazed, perhaps I can point you to another thing or two that will help. I wish you only the best.

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