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Ugh. I had a pair of adult teeth that never erupted. The baby teeth had to be pulled, then the orthodontist tried everything under the sun to pull the adults down, but all that did was pull previously straight teeth up. Finally after eight years of that, an oral surgeon went in to remove the teeth completely and found out why they couldn't be pulled down:

Seriously curly roots.

I was supposed to get implants but never had the cash for it until recently. For ten years I've been wearing a retainer with two false teeth, and only recently got the metal arch clipped off. Before getting that arch clipped, I looked like I was 12.


Ugh, I just went over your older posts of tooth woe. Sounds too horrifying, I can't even begin to imagine what you've been going through. I hate to say this, but it makes me feel better about my own physical shenanigans. Hope you feel better as soon as possible.


I had the same thing recently! I was in bed for a week. I will be without a tooth for 9 months until it heals up for the implant. We are sistahs!

The Vidiot

Ugh. Mouth pain. The worst. But all doctors are weird about pain pills. I had brain surgery, BRAIN FRICKIN' SURGERY!, and my neurosurgeon said, "tylenol will take care of any pain you might have"

My ass.


Okay, Vidiot—I will quit complaining about my dentists because that is seriously insane. Tylenol? After you've had your head split open? That is nuts.

The Vidiot

You don't have to tell me. And not even tylenol with codeine. Just straight up, OTC tylenol. Like it was a miracle drug or something.

But, please, feel free to complain about your mouth. There's something about pain in the mouth that is unbelievable. Maybe because it's so close to the brain.

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