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Looks like a CUNT is a CUNT!
I'm so sorry to sister and her lovely neighbors..I'm glad I'm outta Brooklyn:)

Miss Heather



Vicki/Nicki!!! that's too kind a comparison!


Get over the emotional responses and get to the real issue. Any moron can get a contractors' license. And unlike other licenses--driver, physician, lawyer, broker, etc.--it cannot be suspended or revoked for bad behavior. A contractor is a loose canon. The law regulating them must be changed.


We had a guy get 3 drunk driving convictions in the past 15 in Nebraska and last week he was running from the cops in a high-speed chase, hit a minivan, killed a 3 year old girl, and seriously injured the rest of them.
Well, um, uh, we didn't know he was an illegal, says the Omaha Police Department? WTF? What are you people doing?
I needs to get me a city job where I can just F. Off all day long and be accountable to nobody. Man. Where do I apply?

The Rev. Spyro

I'm with ya Paul.

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