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...I have an image of Sir Wendel in his wide ass leather still burns my brain cells!

Porta potties are a huge upgrade form the old bathrooms. But, I like to think that old black flooded, toilet paper hanging off wire, no mirrored discusting Bathroom still exists...
as well as CB's, the nabe and my youth.
your right, aging gracefully is the way to go.


Sir Wendel reads this blog! Don't talk about his ass!!!


you posted a video of my ex-husband!


Yes, and maybe he'll see it and beat himself up for being stupid enough to get himself kicked off the money train. Dumbass!

Choo! Choo!


I trust your judgment on their authenticity--despite the absence of Thunders, Kane, and Nolan, it was more than a simulacrum? Not just the Johansen/Sylvain band playing the hits of the NY Dolls?

My gosh, Johansen is nearly 60, I see. I take it he wasn't in leather pants?

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