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But -- only "desperate" people do online dating! Online dating is "dangerous"! It's only "losers" online! What if my friends/coworkers/the news media find out!

I find that people who do a lot of online shopping are more inclined for online dating. People who don't, won't.


happy anniversary!


Interesting point, Jules. I have met people who are positive that their credit card number and identity will be stolen if they buy anything off

And thanks, Tracey!

Molly Auden

I don't think it's just fear of being found out by peers that can put people off online dating. It's also the sense that by putting yourself out there, you're making yourself a disposable and uninteresting package for many who'll pass you over without a second thought. Some might be interested, but many just won't care. But their careless little snorts would hurt you a lot if you heard them.


Agreed, Molly. But I live in Washington, where everyone thinks they are famous.

In truth, a few people of minor prominence have been outed and mocked on blogs and even in the newspaper here for their online dating profiles, so the fear is not without merit.


Anyone who makes fun of someone for online dating is a jerk. Not the most articulate sentence, but true.

And if some schmo thinks you're uninteresting or ugly or whatever—so what? They're just saving you the pain of dating them. Next! Online dating just widens your pool of boyfriend/girlfriend candidates, which means the majority of people on there will be unsuitable. But with a bigger pool, comes better odds.


i met my husband in 2004... online. so there.


i'm starting to wonder if we are separated at birth.


My wife and I met online. But to our families, there remains a stigma about that, so we lie and say we met because she was writing letters to me while I was on death row. Happily the pardon came through in 2003. This story seems to make the parents happier than the version.

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