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There might be specials in AC if you want to go the casino route. Mohegan is wonderful, and we love it, but we can only stay there on, say, December 23rd, which is our anniversary, but it's also a day when no one is checked into the casino.

Have you looked at at their NYC weekend specials? The W in Hoboken just opened and I think was runnig $160-180. ALso, the Hyatt in Jersey City is right on the water, isn't pricey on the weekend (caters mostly to business travelers), you can take the PATH and you're *right there*. The rooms are lovely.

happy birthday!


Judy, Judy, Judy. Fuck "The Sun." Suck it up and go it Foxwoods. Sure, it's an extra hour in the car. But, it'll save you, um, $500 bucks.
I stayed with my man at Foxwoods for $69 bucks-a-night (awesome rates apply to Sunday- Thursday) and we were in the most pimp room I've ever slept in, ect., in my whole life.

$599? I just can't fathom what makes "The Sun" so awesome.

Go to Foxwoods, and use your $500 in savings to raid the mini-fridge. My man and I busted out the Patron. Holla.

Hudson Dan

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

(The Hudson Valley is really gorgeous this time of year.)


Is it too late to fly out to Seattle? You can sleep on my couch, play my accordions. I might even let you try out my Flex-Away Facial Exerciser.

Living large in the Emerald City, baby. HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!

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