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The Rev. Spyro

Fuck all that - I won't push it but after that $35K fiasco that I must stress, Mabel came home worse than she did before we sent her there, I'd name names - we have a LOT of friends that take their cats and dogs to that place - what they hell are they thinking!? Remember Mabel came back from that place a mess and it cost us even more! She wouldn't eat and she was shaking something awful. I feel like a heel now because I thought she was just a neurotic cat. Now we know - the place is run by crack-heads.


I have to disagree.
I had a boss from Tonga whose illiteracy was worse than the above cited illustration, but she was smart as a whip. I also had a friend who was completely unable to read a map or write much more than his name, and yet had the persuasive power to sell a motorcycle in mid-winter. Don't underestimate the illiterate.
It's kind of like the short man's complex making up in ferocity for what they otherwise lack. In your case they fenegled $300. they didn't deserve.

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