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awesome! ziss-rojas, manning-lee and myself will be at CH tomorrow as well!!! cannot wait!!!


Get out! We need to meet up beforehand!


totes jealous! i wanted to see Morrissey this year but it is out of my budget. i was so sad last year when Moz cancelled his show at MSG.


I wanted to see Moz at Foxwoods this weekend for the goof (Foxwoods is goofy, not Morrissey) but I never got around to getting tickets.

Spent 2 hours getting a tooth pulled yesterday and now I'm on Vicodin. So I'm down on dentists today!


When are you seeing Mozzer, Judy? At least he'll be making you feel miserable in a nice venue. The wife and I are facing a lifetime of deafness after our next show, My Bloody Valentine in the totally crap WaMu Theater in Seattle.


I guess if I'd read prior comments more carefully, I could have answered that last question myself. So the question is revised to: How was it?


It was great! He looked and sounded awesome. We had 10th row seats at a beautiful theater. Much fun.

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