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Hang in there, Judy. Don't feel guilt about not posting. Your bad advice-deprived fans will cut you some slack. Heart, Val


big xoxoxoxox
flagyl made m. projectile vomit... ugh.


take care lady.. and be careful with Flagyl, my mom took it and got C Diff which is a nasty bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics and takes over when all the good bacteria is wiped out. taking a probiotic and eating yogurt helps prevent it.


I'm almost sorry for laughing through the first half of this post. But after sharing my own issues with antibiotics, I suppose it's only fair. Hang in there. :)


Bitchcakes linked to your site, and when the first post I saw was of Flagyl I had to reply since I had my own experience with it.

I suggest chocolate milk to get the taste out of your mouth as quickly as possible. Feel better!


The HTML didn't work. Here's my story:



I would skip the meds and ask for something a little less risky. Sounds like too many side effects to me.


I'm glad you're taking care of the problem. I had a conversation once with an ex-army medic/ex-convict at work, who told me gum infections could be life threatening if the poison gets into your bloodstream.

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