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Oh Joody, my Chug sings for you!

Elisita makes me feel better too, she is goodness wrapped in sweetness dipped in kindness and talent.

Ivan is Ivan, and I am loving his Blog too.

I can't wait to read your Rob Emanuel nerd crush is, Nate Silver.
can't wait to see you!


holy moly, that sounds awful (and explains why I didn't see you last Monday evening)! I recently decided to switch dentists because I realized that I have had an uneasy feeling with mine since my first visit. I've been back 2 more times and my opinion of him has not changed, so why should I subject myself to him when there are others in my plan? Not sure if you have that option, but it might be worth checking out. Welcome home though :)


I haven't had a cavity in years, switched dentists...boom, 3 cavities. Told him I would come back, never did. Went back to my old dentist, he didn't say a word about me having any cavs.

Judy, I have a friend who is a 39 year old single coach and high school teacher. Has no problems getting women. Gets them, dates them 4 times, dumps em, claims "he's not attracted to them". Then calls me three nights a week wanting to go scouting talent at the singles bars. I'm 47, happily cohabitating and my sig other has just about had it with this cat. What's his problem? What should I do? Do I need to dump his single ass?


Paul, I'm going to use your question in my Seattle column this week, if that's okay with you. Excellent dilemma!

Also, it's not my dentist—it's my mouth. I've had 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions. It's bad.


That's fine. He's a nice guy and nice to women, but he's under some belief system that women have to be smokin' hot, young, intelligent, etc. I keep telling him that he's going to end up with someone divorced, with kids, with a nasty ex, and all sorts of financial grief if he keeps passing up these available women.


Oh, and don't use my real name.


Did you get a second opinion?

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