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Jennifer Kelton

Wearing a Vaginal gear. NOT!


I still can't think of a single occasion where that romper *wouldn't* be completely appropriate and perfect. And -- coincidence? The vulva necklace would look glorious worn with it.

I do question the simple black pumps, though. A romper deserves so much more. Booties, perhaps? I'll ask Gwyneth.

Judy McVulva

Jules, you're so right. That cowl neck would totally showcase the vulva necklace.


I'm trying to figure out if you're serious about the romper. I mean, don't you have to pee at some point? I'm in the bathroom at least once an hour. I'd kill someone (namely the person responsible for making the romper) if I had to get re-dressed hourly.

special offers

Oh good lord!


Well, This pendant boasts rose pink outer labia, a heavily hooded clitoris, and detailed inner labia.

Anyhow, it is very unique item, keep on searcing this type of item

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