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The Vidiot

Go to Buddy Guy's. It's a bit touristy, but don't hold that against it. Last time I went, he stepped up on stage and performed with the band. It was awesome.

Rosa's Lounge isn't too shabby either.

Laura S.

I haven't been to Chicago in a while but used to travel there for work a lot. Love Garrett Popcorn -- not bad for a Watcher of the Weight, in small doses ( and the not-so-weight-friendly Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company. ( in Lincoln Park. Love. Food. I recently ripped an article out (of Cottage Living, maybe?) with a good shopping map of funky stores. If I find it I'll come back and let you know.

Thanks for popping over to my online pad. I SO know you needed to have that pink robe. :-)


I think the hip place to go is the Damon stop on the EL. Rainbow Club or Rainbow Room Bar...Damon Ave? They play vinyl, have retro lights, and $3 beers. All the hipsters with Buddy Holly glasses and tight tshirts hang there.


I would suggest you check out a) Tom Geoghegan's campaign headquarters if he has one yet (and take one of his books on the train with you) and b) since you're an advice columnist, the birthplace of Dan Savage. As a total non-Chicagoan, I can think of nothing else to see in this flat, ugly, sprawling malignant tumor of a city.


i grew up in chicago & just moved away in sept, so, a few things:

1. right now it is BITCHIN cold. & no one, not no one, will judge you for dressing smart, not sexy. even in clubs.

2. rainbo is filled with a lot of dickheads & people who will throw beer on you & grab your ass. but if that's what you're into, by all means.

3. bleeding heart bakery on damen & belmont has, hands down, the MOST amazing oaxaca cupcakes you have ever even dreamed of.

4. feed, on chicago & california, has spectacular down home cooking, dirt-cheap prices, & the friendliest staff you can imagine. go for breakfast, bring a few beers, & try the cornbread pudding. i promise it's an amazing way to start your day.

5. i don't know if you're driving, cabbing, or taking the el. but a blizzard just blew through there, so all options are going to be a little hard. cabs don't roll through the neighborhoods too frequently (except for hoods like lincoln park, bucktown, & wicker park) so if you NEED to get somewhere by cab, call 1-800-taxi-cab at least 15 minutes in advance.

6. myopic books - amazing used book store on milwaukee ave, right off the crotch (6 corners, the heart of wicker park). lots of bars & dining options there. also, hipsters. lots of hipsters.

7. star lounge coffee on chicago, just off western. the nicest - & chattiest - people you'd ever want to meet. great art. better coffee.

8. the hideout is, as it sounds, a little hard to find at first - it's off of north & elston, down a little side street called wabansia. BUT worth the journey. cheap drafts, amazing backroom, & killer shows almost every night. andrew bird got his start there.

9. hot dougs. go. just...just go.

10. chicago people are, in general, very nice, regardless of what neighborhood you're in. they are also fiercely opinionated on food, sports, beer, & politics, so if you have any superstrong feelings about any of these, prepare to have an arguement.

longest comment ever. sorry. :/

the Rev. Spyro

Wow that was awesome - I'll be in Chicago as well - the cab advice seems key.

Judy McGuire

I'm just watching something on Hot Doug's! We're so there. Thanks, you guys! I appreciate the guidance.


Oops, sorry about the Rainbow recommendation. I haven't been there since Clinton was prez.

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