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jodhpur boots (got N cowboy boots)
wool cycling hat
good books (got N book about rats b/c she is terrified of mice & rats are much worse, so will give her perspective)
Modern Lovers tshirt
tartan scarf
carbide-studded snow/ice tires for bike
R got 15 action figures & robot kit; making gingerbread house w/ grandma.
Cheese Is Christ!!
Merry Xmas!!!
xo to all (so much easier than xmas cards)


BTW photo looks like some kind of jewel-studded nipple clamp.


You are the best fonduer of all time. Thank you for a lovely xmas evening!


Hey I didn't send out cards this year so happy day to all and best-most warm-mittens.
The ring is pretty but that is one scary looking nipple, Wendel!

So sad we missed Fondue and hugs.
Cheese is Christ to all!
TBIH and Frankenstein

Manic Mommy

I was hoping to get a peek at your ring---BEAUTIFUL!!!!

ANd the fondue had my mouth in a frenzy!!! YUMMY!!!!

Congrats and happy day, and a beautiful tree to boot!


The "fun due" was awesome..thanks sister!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, J for getting the word out on the field of dreams. I can't tell you enough what it means to us (and a lot of young'uns)! Thanks too, to your family, I'm glad you had a lovely Cheesemas. p.s. nice ring!

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