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I'm afraid the season may not be as Jenny-free as you hope: what if they discover her dead early on but then there's flashbacks explaining what led to her murder? I read somewhere it's going to be very Sunset Blvd, and of course Norma Desmond is all over that movie.

Judy McGuire

You really took the wind outta my sails. You're so right about flashbacks. I hadn't even considered that. OR, maybe Jenny will have a non-annoying twin. A twist on the old soap standby, the evil twin. Hmm.


yeah. color me sails-sans-wind over here too. can't she just die and stay dead? none of this flashback crap!!


Are people seriously interested in your random ramblings about basically nothing important at all??? Me,me,me,me,me,me,me and more me. Borrrrrrring. Youre probably a nice person but I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reviewing your blab that Ill never get back....dammit

Judy McGuire

Dude, this is about JENNY, not JUDY! And you're wrong—I'm not a particularly nice person.

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