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Naughty man, he's all like "moi?"


inky did it.


The dumb graphics at The Frisky are blocking the first three paragraphs of your lovely treatise.

That said, take my word for it--I have a long history of WAY overindulging my staff (parties and holiday bonuses to make them weep), but cannot do so this year, much like many other businesses out there, and I have seen no ghosts, past, present of future.

The best advice I can give is this advice: even if you are fortunate enough to work for the RATIONAL independently-wealthy (i.e. no private jets to panhandling sessions), don't go to the dumb-ass party anyway.

Who wants to hang out with the people you work with?

And even if you DID want to hang with a few, you probably are already, right? So why inflict the Others on yourselves?

Just my two cents.

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Yeah, I have the same problem with my my girlfriend all the time. Man, I need an iPhone.

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