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Seriously, Judes -- why is the economy beating the crap out of some people but not others? Who is buying that hideous Marimekko crap?

And excuse me: Lithuanian sculptor. Noted.


thank you for reminding me why i won't be moving back to wburg. (there are many reasons in that posting...)


It's like a form of reverse xenophobia.

Or maybe it's just that people have the capacity to annoy regardless of their accents and bathroom habits.

Ok, maybe some folks are better at it than others.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. The pilgrims and Red Indians would have wanted it that way. With their little hats and buckles and headresses and uh, papooses.

So cute!


Hey Judy,

It must be hard to be you.
Wao, nothing positives comes out of your mouth.
The only bad thing about williamsburg are all the people like you , so call smeally "hipsters" good for nothing but to rebel againt's !@#$%^&*()_ what???
You have to travel a bit more, learn from other cultures and maybe you won't have time to writte this non-sense.

Judy McGuire

Er, what?



As always Judy you are right on the mark. Reminding me why I left. Why the only thing I come back to visit, is You.

Daffy Doormat

you're spot on, and i say this as a european. not all of us carry baguettes and nibble on cornichons, though. see the bright side: if they spend all their euros at that emporium of overpriced imports called the bedford cheese shop, they will no longer be able to afford les condos.

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