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that food list really startled me. so i took a look at the link. this guy does eat a lot of non-diet food...though in small portions. and i think that is the key. still though...there's something a bit smug about him.


I take in about seven hundred calories a day, always have, I'm just like a really efficient car. Unfortunately I'm also about ten pounds overweight for a guy my height. I can't diet, as soon as I inch down towards five hundred calories I start feeling light-headed and can't stay up past eight let alone exercise. Everyone tells me I eat so little that my body's in "starvation mode" and wouldn't dare jettison any weight even if I sprung a leak and started sinking. So based on that I start inching past a thousand calories a day, and I start gaining weight. It's hopeless.

Judy's McBooty

SoFar, you need to see a doctor. It sounds like your body is in starvation mode and you need to kick up your metabolism and take in more calories. Eating that little is unhealthy and you're probably malnourished.

Bitch Cakes

Seriously, sofar, that is not normal. I am guessing you should be getting 2000 calories a day and maintaining without an issue. Please see a doctor.

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