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Hudson Dan

Excellent choice, Judy.

I bought this chair at White on White a couple of years ago:

I loved it.

About a month ago, while working in my home office, I leaned back a little in it. "Gee, it never leaned back like this before--or this far" and GRAK I went flying backward onto the floor. My $400 knockoff chair had, ummm, let me down. Heh.

I am now in the market for a new home office chair because the thing needs to be welded back together and I'm sorry, but my welding skills are pretty sucky.

Lesson learned: don't buy cheap knockoffs of $2,000 chairs, even though they're preeety.

Maybe I'll get one of your CB2 chairs. How do you like it?

Bitch Cakes

OOOOH! That looks nice! Review it after a week!

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