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I read somewhere that young Jethro is not named because of Mr. Cave's devotion to "The Beverly Hillbillies" but--even worse--because of his love for the band Jethro Tull.

Judes is a durrrrty goil

You know that Archie Arnett (and how is that *not* a great name, Judeski?) is going to be more serious and gloomy than Nick Cave could ever be. How could he not be with such funny parents?

Archie's mom

My dog's name is Archie- 'nuff said

Renovation Therapy

He looks like every boy I chased when I was 15...sigh....


Ummmm....sorry -- don't even see why you would be worried about posting a comment -- this is a child for crying out loud! Ick. ICK.


I mean -- why would you even want to post comments about an adolescent? ICK>


Love the name- although I hate Jethro Tull. I do like the Phil Oakey hair style- this kid will go far.

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