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Well, it's from France, so my first instinct would be that it would not be too flimsy. I don't know why I assume that it will be sturdy, but I just don't see the Frenchies putting up with a wobbly table. Their beaujolais might tip over.

The fuschia and the light green are super purdy - go for itj!


The table is pretty! It looks tippy and clangy, though.


it's lovely..but it looks like those tables that would most definitely tip over with slight pressure of an elbow.
maybe you can incorporate no elbows on the table!

miss carly

you and esp. the large greek are going to be knocking your knees on the swirly underneath part--pass!


You can do better, table-wise.

But you'll not do much better hatemail-wise.

I hate it when my enemy is smarter than I am. It makes it harder to justify all the infanticide committed by all of my gender-challenged friends.

So stop killing all them babies!! I mean, damn...they're babies!


No to the table. Nooooo. It's too low, Large Greek will knock it over with his knees.


my favorite part about being a whore is definitely spreading disease.

The table is lovely ... it will work inside...remember you make the design rules.

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