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You bought my son a sock monkey; today he was the first child in the first grade at his school to be sent home for fighting this year. I make no argument for a cause & effect relationship.
Also, for your information, it's not like the head comes out the pussy looking like a giant melon- it's got all types of sutures causing it to fold, so it looks like a giant scrotum coming out, not a head-shaped thing.


Eww! Travis!


Weeeee! Congratulations! I'm an auntie six times over now and it's the greatest thing in the world. Combine good present buying with general awesome auntness and you will be worshipped and revered. I adore my niece and nephew minions.


2 Travis: Thanks but no thanks I'm just in it for the rewards of being Auntie!!
2 sis: her name is SUSANNA!! Duh!!


That kid already looks drunk.

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