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oh no!!! i feel your pain. i would feel soooo violated!!! no one is allowed to touch my cheese! [that sounds weird] but seriously.... so wrong!!!! i am shaking my head in disbelief...


you're shitting me! you can't even take your eyes off the manchego even for a minute.


Just cut around the bitey area and you'll be fine. I know it seems gross, but if you can cut around mold, then you know, you can probably cut around bite marks. Cheese is expensive! (Really, wtf is up with that... a pound of shredded cheddar is up to $9 now).

Serving suggestion: have you ever had thinly sliced manchego topped with fig preserves? O.M.G. soooo good! I'm sure Whole Foods has a decent one. Best fig preserve ever: from provence, they sell it at Dean&Deluca. Pricey, $17 I think, but oh soooo good.


Jeez. I'd be seriously squicked out!!! Just be glad, I guess, that it wasn't this cheese-eater:

"BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -- A man was charged with burglary after he allegedly broke into a home, ate cheese from the refrigerator, made a mess in a bathroom and fell asleep on a child's bed. Tracy Mullins, 47, of Billings, was arraigned in District Court on Thursday by video from the county jail..."

Shudder. If he looked more awake he'd have that Manson look going on. Still, feh to the fridge repair guy!


That is just wrong on SO many levels! Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to more!

Manic Mommy

Ewww. Did he really eat your cheese? We had the comcast guy come to our house once, and he went into our basement and took a dump in our toilet. I know because he left skidmarks and identifying Afro-American DNA stuff. NASTY.

Yep, I'm sure you wanted to know this from moi. Well, technically, isn't this stuff co-workers talk about even if we're just cyber-co-workers? : )

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