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Bahahahaha! I'll say! SO CUTE - still!


I can almost forgive him Bebe Buell.

Judy McNewWave

I forgive him Bebe because her Elvis obsession was so entertaining!


Didn't Elvis play on the same bill with Squeeze at the Palladium? Would have been in '81 or '82. Things were a bit hazy back then.

More recently (last winter in fact), I ran into Elvis at the Baby Gap on Fifth Avenue. Guess we've both changed...


i was getting my hair done at frederick fekkai (i know awful isn't it to be such sellout), anyway i had by head down and when the stylist straighted it up, right around the corner came elvis costello with a cup of tea in his hand. i looked over the at the next chair, diana krall getting highlights. he's a least 50lbs heavier than that picture, but he was wearing suit that looked like he slept in it. i'm sure it was really expensive.

i also saw daniel boulud there which for me was actually a little more exiting.



Catching up with your posts. Of course my first comment is music related...The Palladium! Mine? The Jam, The Clash (first time in NY!), Iggy (with Glen Matlock and Brian James!)/Cramps/Student Teachers, BOC/Thin Lizzy!!! Gadzoox, what a great joint.

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