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Don't I know, this is so very, sadly true. You just validated any and all of us. Thanks, Judy!


Oh Judy -- I'm in awe of you. How did you restrain yourself from posting his photo? You're a good egg. (And a hot chick, whatever our Twinkie Troll may babble.)


way hot.

miss amy

Also, did I miss the official weight requirements for being an advice columnist? or for being dateable?


And anyway, Hawthorne was GAY.


I too fail to see what weight or size has to do with one's ability to advise others regarding their love lives. Poor sad troll.


I wonder at the vitriol people have against complete strangers. It's one thing to call someone on an opinion or idea you see as flawed or disagree with (i.e. "your ideas are poorly thought out for reasons a, b and c" or "I disagree with your conclusion because ___") but I've never understand the liberal dosing of haterade.

And oh yeah, fat people date too, and they have friends who date so they can gather experience from them too. And one more thing, you're not fat! Jeez.


you rock. thanks for reminding me that those who play the "fat" or "ugly" card never win the hand. ha.


but the burning question is, has the troll responded? did his fat little hawthorne-lovin' fingers twitch with rage into the keyboard?

Judy McBloated

No response. He's probably doing all manner of things with my social security number right now!


you really are a good egg, Judy. That guy deserves his picture posted on CNN with an article on Ugly Trolls Who Write Hate Mail. But you are a better person than him or me, I would have sent him a doggie turd in the mail (my version of hate mail);)


Steve Enfield

I'm sure that you've done this, but if not, please, furnish his letter to a U.S. Postal Inspector.

Afterall, it's possible that you're neither the first nor the last person he's trolled. Also, there may be good fingerprints on that envelope.

Last, and more directed to your sense of humor than his craziness, I wonder if there's another six-letter word - other than cliche - ending in "che" that describes him? lol

Keep Safe...don't overly antagonize - "the scrot."


You aren't fat by any stretch. You've got a heart-shaped face like Renee Zelweger, who from the neck up looks like she could be quite voluptuous but is most definitely not unless she's filming a Bridget Jones movie -- the second one at that.

As you age, you will be happy for the extra fullness because it hides the wrinkles. Besides, most women and men aren't model thin. Who says an anorexic is more qualified to dispense dating advice than anyone else? Fat people. Short people. Tall people and bald people all find love.


does he not realize that he needs a little bit of therapy?


you know, just a smidge. a dab of therapy.

Miss Heather

I really like the knee jerk assumption that a woman--- ANY WOMAN--- who has the temerity to disagree with some chap's fuckwitted viewpoint of the world must be overweight. I have gotten this one myself, which is sort of funny given that I have the opposite problem.

And then of course, there are telling tomes like this one*:

I have read your site, you have to be the most sexually frustrated person in the neighborhood.

They always throw accusations of sexual frustration but never volunteer to redress the problem. Not that I'd accept or anything ---but it's the thought that counts, e.g.; put out or shut up.

You don't like what someone has to say? DON'T READ IT. Simple as that. Why is this so difficult?


P.S.: Hawthorne?!? NICE. He probably flagellates himself after he jerks off--- which given his psychological profile--- is probably often.

*You can read this turd here:


Here's the thing in 15 years or something all those judd apatow movies and farrelly bros and all those movies that only have fat jokes left are going to be viewed like racist/ethnic jokes are viewed now. it's one of the last bastions of prejudice that is societally sanctioned.

i am certain that despite that i worked my way through school, ended up at some very very good schools and high paying jobs, because i am fat i am viewed as lazy. in my field, being a 110 tennis playing blonde is highly valued - shows discipline. i am certain i have lost jobs because i am fat.

me on the other hand, if i wanted someone to perform the service i perform, i'd take 150 iq over 110 lbs, but that's just me.

Dating Advice Coach

lol this was pretty funny. i like to troll myself sometimes.

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