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I always said identity thieves could only improve my credit rating, but when it happened (once in Brazil & once here) it really sucked. The part where the bank tells you that they know they've helped someone steal your money, but you can't have it back for a while is my fave.
Change all mentions of Costco sucking into links (to them) about them sucking to harness the mighty power of the blogosphere, or at least vent the emotions.
Maybe the passport will show up today.


That sucks. I had my credit card number stolen about 3 years ago and it was a huge pain in the ass. And the best part was some one stole my card number to order $900 worth of toner.


oooo, guest blogger! maybe s/he'll guest-blog from his/her Costco computer.


Crime pays and white-collar crime like this is a way for scumbags to get out of having to break your lock and actually carry the 'puter home. This way, it's not blue-collar/go to prison crime, it's Dick Cheney/bill me later crime. Actually, it's ideal.
I hope you keep us all posted on which credit card you used and how they treated you. Have you contacted Tina Fey about this? Seems she gets out of these jams pretty easily.

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