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The Vidiot

I, too, have worked for the deranged publishing type, at a now long defunct Brooklyn magazine. The owner was a nutcase. My very first day there, she hadn't yet fired the girl I was to replace. So I had to hide out on the top floor until the deed was done. Meanwhile, her computer suddenly died and she screamed at me to fix it because "it was too important! It must be fixed!" Turned out, the psycho never cleaned her workspace, smoked incessantly and let the cat crawl around where it wanted to. So, her computer was working fine. But her mouse, was a hazardous waste station. (Of course, she didn't even thank me.)

Oh, the stories I could tell. From the pun-obsessed senior editor, to the drug addled managing editor, the cross dressing office assistant, to the drunken ad manager, I mean, the list of characters is endless. And she fired them all, sometimes en masse.

I sympathize with your experience.

I also suspect we're not alone. It seems publishing really draws in the crazies.

harriet seagull

oh my.

i just sneezed and "new york press" came out. how strange.


Hager's pals with Dan Savage, I'm guessing?


I was once fired from a volunteer job. While I was on my coffee break. I begged to get my "job" back. Told to call back Monday. The editor said "We can't possibly take you back, under the circumstances." There were no circumstances. When I asked why I was being fired, the editor informed me her boss' friend had breast cancer and this was a tough time. I don't mean to be unsympathetic, but you know what was a tough time? A decade of working for asshats like these. Publishing brings em out, man. Like you wouldn't freakin' believe. Glad you got your revenge, Judy, even though it was through someone else.


It's not just publishing... the film, television and music industry attracts these walking justifications for keeping abortion legal and safe.

I have poisoned so many people in my mind, I've lost count.

Michelle Goodall

Sounds eerily similar to what just happened to me. My boss is a chronic cocaine user. When i took her aside and told her that as a friend she needed to know what was being said about her by the public she blew up at me and 4 days later fired me because she said she couldnt trust me.
Now this deranged woman has made dozens of phone calls to people telling them I was fired because i was abusive and is contunuing toharrass several magazines i work for.
I'll never understand why people are so hateful and miserable. I feel sorry for them

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