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Bad Heather



so glad you're back at the blog.


I lived with a chronic pot-head. At night he'd want to give me cool clothing, loan me money, go buy some beer, and in the daytime he'd be slamming doors, yelling at the neighbors, scowling a anyone who came over, and moaning about how badly his life sucked.
Heavy and frequent pot use leads to personality disorder. Don't smoke pot when you're high. You don't get any higher, just lower on pot.


I used to live with a chronic pussy. He'd meet women and hit it off and then not follow through. He'd have her walking down the aisle and meeting his parents before he even found out her name. I think this syndrome can be traced back to Walt Disney and the happily-ever-after crap he pawned on unsuspecting minors.
I think electro-shock therapy works on this as does chronic pot use.

Miss Heather

Duly noted.

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