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I live in one of those condos and I'm reading this. Sorry about the pile driving(you nuts). I'm both ashamed and proud to live in one of those condos. I love my space and and the neighborhood and I'm sorry so many people are angry we live there (although I don't work in finance or money or anything like that) (i don't even think I'm a yuppie). anyway if you want any inside scoop of a new building...

Judy McStillCrabby

Thanks, Someone. I do have questions! I wonder, depending on which building, if the seller mentioned any possible toxicity problems? Did you research the area and its environmental problems? I moved here because it was cheap and I was desperate (14 years ago). Why did you pick Williamsburg over some of the nicer nabes in Brooklyn—prices seem pretty comparable.


There were quite a few determining factors in moving here (from Manhattan). I like looking at the park, running track and all. I don't have a ton of money and wanted to spend it wisely. I think we have a nice space for the money. we really wanted a water or park view (insert waterpark view joke here) because they can't build in front of it and that means there will always be resale value (i don't intend on going anywhere anytime soon. i'm not interested in flipping. it's my home). believe me we looked everywhere. Prospect Heights, Park Slope, even Hoboken. i'm freelance and have no 401k so this is sort of my retirement investment. As far as toxicity. Harumph. i knew the lot where the Purple53 used to park was supposedly the "MOST TOXIC PLACE IN THE WORLD". I mean, it's all bad around here right? i guess i just like the vibe of the hood and the folks that live around here and that was more of a draw. so If I have a kid with four arms, I'll start a circus. Not true but i guess what I'm saying is there is a risk everywhere of toxins. So in answer to your question, yes i did research, not a lot though. not enough to deter me.

Judy McStillCrabby

Thanks, Someone. That was an enlightening answer. I'm encouraged that a freelancer was able to get a mortgage, as I'm one too. Though I'm betting that you're probably just a leeetle bit more successful than I. I'm working on that though. Thank you! And welcome to the neighborhood.


Thanks, i promise to behave. as far as being successful, believe me I sold out to a certain extent. Failed actor. now i work in video post production which actually pays very well. And My wife works full time so double income helps. ok, too much info about my life now. bye.

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