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Take anything off a high shelf that might fall. Any framed pictures you might care about, wine glasses, etc - you get the idea.

I don't know what to do about the cats. when this happened to me i was cat-less. i would worry about my guy now, though.

Take pictures, keep a log, what time they arrive, what time they stop (if you're around). you never know if you will need it.


Guuuurl, I feel for you. Years back San Francisco International built a new international terminal and the noise nearly drove be BATTY. And it was miles away not next door.
My friend had a whole complex go up behind her old ass apartment building. She said her building swayed too. Her advice is to document any too early/too late/too Sunday work and dust and vacuum a lot (the demolition then construction will bring up a lot of dust.)


Yeah, I asked the Hasidic men if they were going to use all 20 or so piles, and they said, "What, you want us to waste them?!"
Well, no - but I'd prefer you didn't pound them all in next to my bedroom window. (7:30 a.m. on the dot! I woke up and checked!)

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