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Well, if making yourself look stupid was worth the extra press....I guess it worked


Sweetie, if you have a copyright on black, you're in the right.

If not, you're just an idiot.

Nothing else is even close. And I'm not a Stranger fan. Happy coattail ride!

Judy McAlwaysGladToLookDumb

You guys are cracking me up over here!


I'm not trying to be funny...just realistic. So if I publish a book with a shopping cart on the cover against a black background, would you yell infringement? Or do I need to steal your content? And what content has been stolen?

I don't see a case here at all.

Judy McIsEveryoneElseCrazy?

What case? And, er, I wasn't "yelling," I was laughing.


If you mean your commentary to be funny, you should label it so.

Like I said before, if not, you're just an idiot.



Oh, this is choice.

Miss Judy, are you even aware that the cover of you book is a direct ripoff of Diane Mapes' "How to Date in a Post-Dating World"?

Judy McIsEveryoneElseCrazy?

It's actually a sequel to Diane's fab book. Same publisher and all. In fact, I'm even quoted in Diane's book.


Don't take any mean commentary too seriously. The Slog is known as a cesspool of douchery, so much so that Gawker wrote a piece about it:

Mr. Poe

Competition? Seattle Weekly? Are you serious?

Just the thought of that + saying something your own material is witty + this entire post, your bogus claim of copycatting, your "update" making a pathetic attempt at hiding your stupidity = you're deranged, sad and pathetic.

The Seattle Weekly is a piece of shit, and so is your face.

Mr. Poe


my god, what is with the nasty comments? people! grow up! and try reading some of judy's work--it's really, really funny.

The Rev.

Wow Judes - I never knew you could create such ire in the masses.
Today the blogosphere - tomorrow the world - to that point Bwa hahahahahhhaaaaa! PS You are soooo fucking funny.


You're're just not that funny.


I didn't think it was that difficult to comprehend that you were joking--even if one isn't a regular reader of your work. But then again, there's no IQ requirement to use the internet.


But neither cover is pretty. What an odd choice of words--graphic, witty, bold, but pretty?

val frankel

Judy is right and everyone else is wrong! And, "fuck you" to anyone who disagrees. P.S. Judy's book is hilarious and the cover is great. And Dan Savage can kiss my bony white girl ass.


Screw the haters, Judy.
You know you've made it when you're getting hysterical, non-intelligent blog comments from asinine avatars. (To all of them: yes, tongue firmly in cheek there.)

And Dan Savage is a putz.


isn't dan savage too busy raising his kid to worry about stuff like this?

he turned your joke into wishing you zero success with your's not like you are ann coulter or bill o'reilly or any other person who is 10 TIMES WORSE.

someone needs to fight the real enemy.

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