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I want more photos of Spyro!...please!


did you mention that our hands were marked with a sharpie so that we couldn't get seconds?
big momma likes a second helping, ESPECIALLY when she pays $32 for a plate of food. thirty two dollars!
are you fucking kidding me!?
i should have gone with my gut instinct about thin people in the food biz. they might be nice, but methinks they just don't get it.
i can't believe we had to go out to dinner after that event.

Judy McStillCrabby

I forgot about that! They should've made a little cheese stamp for our hands. At least spyro got them to give up seconds. And yes, a skinny cheese store owner makes about as much sense as a vegan butcher.


but at least that hootenannying band was awesome and tasteful and not loud at all...

Martin K

$6 for a glass of beer is horrifying. *falls over*


it is when the email invite implies that it is included in the price!
sneaky, sneaky cheesemonger!

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