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I once dated a woman who, on my birthday, let her drunk ex into her house and he punched her in the face and knocked out a tooth. I had, needless to say, a wonderful birthday.
The point is, this woman, by not calling the police, is using her ex to make her current man jealous. I do not buy, for a moment, her lame excuses about not turning him in.
Also, do you see how clever I am to link the tooth story to the stalker story? It's also true.

Dan in Hudson

Oh. My. God.

I saw the first ten minutes of that show and it almost brought me to tears. I was sitting there on the sofa, glossy-eyed, twisted like a pretzel pulling at my non-existent hair. I turned it off when we went for a little tour of the twins' mouths about 10 minutes into the show.

I don't know how the show ends, but I'm hoping those poor souls get some serious dental care.


actually, because of this blog posting, I sought out "Britains Worst Teeth"! my friend and I got together so we could eat lots of candy while we watched. never in my life had I ever wanted to brush my teeth so badly.

Best Teeth Whitening

What a great blog. Thanks for chronicling your “teeth journey.”

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