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Poking puppies

Judy, to hell with this writing racket: the pay's zip! You and I need to open a dog acupuncture place--it won't matter that we don't know what we're doing--can the dogs complain? We can do this!


Is sticking other people's dogs with needles really an easier way to earn a living than writing? Dogs are better at complaining than almost anything except looking hungry.
Dog restaurant idea beyond appalling, but Bedford Ave already looks like the franchise strip near some kind of liberal arts college that only admits emos & where you can major in shopping & getting tattoos.


Any city with dog bakeries or dog restaurants is proof that Americans have way too much money.



That building had a bldg dept violation for having the shoe store in there.

Wonder if there are proper permits for the new construction?? hmm.

Typical billyburg run amuck. What A MESS.

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