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the polar bear area would be more effective.

once i was at the bmore zoo with gordon, and we were watching the polar bears. lots and lots of little kids around us. gordon says, "you don't want to fall down in there--those guys'll rip ya to shreds. vicious!!" and all these little kids started crying.

tee heee.


Being a parent (and knowing enough to avoid the aquarium on weekends), I wonder why any mom would WANT her kid to flush a public toilet herself. I flush public toilets with my foot, and I figure most other people do as well. Why make your kid touch it? Gross. (And if you don't flush with your foot, it's probably a good idea to start.)


Isn't that why you have kids, so they can flush the toilet for you!?
Happy Big Day to the Greek!


Ah, how sad I feel for you childless people, who will never know the joy of wiping your child's ass.


HA! lucky-lucky bastard!


Yeah! Ja! Oui!

As a non-breeder, I so terribly miss wiping asses and noses of shrieklings, going "green" to make up for giving the world another carbon footprint to feed, and giving up scheduling things in my life I want to do.

Fortunately, I have it forced on me in movies, libraries, restaurants, etc. to remind me how much I'm missing by growing into a fully developed human being and living a full life.


a restaurant with a no child policy! I didn't know!
Must go!

I try to not judge most parents but sometimes
as your story shows
it's hard not to find them annoying and worthy of derision.


that place looks awesome! oishii desu ne! and certainly not the place for kids anyway. if i got to go there, i would hire a baby sitter for my kid.


My husband and I have discussed this issue quite a bit. We do not have kids (yet) and often find ourselves at restaraunts where children are moderately disruptive. However, parents who want to enjoy a meal out should not be forced to find a baby sitter. Because of smoking bans (another hot topic!) many restaraunts are completely smoke free. Why not use the previous smoking/non smoking set-up for kid/non-kid sections. People with no preference can ask for first available. As with smoking, dining out with children is a personal preference that both sides should be able to enoy.

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