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OH MY GOD. you are the funniest. i want to be you. i want to want to fashion a garrote out of dental floss. hilarious.


ps, happy birthday. it's my viking's (the bf) bday today.


Happy B'Day Judes!

Michael A. Gonzales

...truthfully, next time just ask the driver to change the station. you, something like, "my flight was so rough, can you please turn to lite-fm." works everytime.

kate c.

the last time i asked a cab driver to change the station, he pulled over to the side of the road in NEWARK and yelled at me. then he got lost--in JERSEY CITY--and i really thought i'd survived baltimore only to die in new jersey.

happy birthday, meine Freundin! you made me laugh very very very hard with your garottes and shrieking.

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