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Lookin' DOPE Ms. McGuire. Bingo-night props to you and your beauty staff!

Sorry to hear about your spill woes, but, wasn't it soooooo worth it for the Mayoral hankie?


Wow!..So pretty! Can't wait for part 2!

kate c.

gor-geous. totally.
a little spilled wine does not ruined evening make. you rocked.


Oh my goodness Ms. McGuire! You are GORGEOUS! And I love even the phrase "Mayoral hankie"!

Judy McGratefulForCosmetics

For every cute picture of me, there are three triple-chinned horrifying ones! But thank you, ladies. I appreciate it.


I'd chime in with the male perspective of "looking good!" but I'd get repeatedly cuffed about the face if I did.

We want to see a picture of you at Gay Bingo in full regalia--in part 2, we hope?

Bingo was his name-O in Hudson

Has anyone mentioned how Bingo-licious you look?

miss carly

Ooh, so so pretty, Miss Jude! Well done. And it ain't a party till someone makes a mess with the alcohol (spill the wine, dig that girl!). Miss Lady Chablis/Miss Thing needs to remove that stick from her tuchis.


That's my sis and she always looks gorgeous..

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